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New York
Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metro Area
JN -102016-3415

Recruitment Responsibilities

  • Exhibit strong negotiation skills and a sense of urgency to achieve outcomes and exceed expectations. 
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Maintain excellent communications skills, computer skills and writing skills
  • Build a strong network of relevant industry candidates
  • Remain connected during non-office hours and maintain the high level of service and responsiveness the company expects.
  • Spend considerable time in self-study, as well as working with the TxMQ team to develop needed skills as an IT recruiter. 
  • Stay current on software and technology issues relevant to the company’s business, and to general business trends of the day. 
  • Remain active on relevant social media outlets, including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others as they may evolve, develop, and become relevant.
  • Source resumes using websites such as Monster/Careerbuilder/LinkedIn/Facebook and other social media avenues including relevant networking groups, etc.
  • Vet candidates sufficiently well prior to submittal and only present those that are representative of the company’s reputation and client’s needs. 
  • Follow company submittal procedures as stipulated by the administrative department, making sure to utilize only the most current forms and documents.
  • Regularly communicate and assist the candidate through the interview/job offer stage
  • Adequately utilize proprietary staffing software to keep clean, concise and accurate records/data
    • Diligently track applicants through all stages of the submittal and interview process, maintaining detailed accounts of manager feedback, personal thoughts, and other relevant information 
  • Utilize client feedback as a formative assessment, responding to it professionally while also using it as a basis for strategy remediation.
  • Meet minimum submissions per day and per week for assigned requirements.
Weekly requirements:
  • Candidates contacted (emails and calls): 500 weekly (100/day average)
  • Candidates submitted:  10 (2/day average)
  • Clients prospected/cold called:  250 (50/day average, combination of emails, and cold calls once approved to move into account sales beyond just recruiting)
  • Fee agreements/search agreements secured:  .5 (2 a month average)
  • Interviews scheduled:  3 weekly
  • Hires:  .5 weekly (2 a month average)
  • Perform other duties as may, from time to time, be required by the employer. 
Business Development Responsibilities
  • Generate new leads with the aim of creating more sales.  Open new accounts, re-establish contacts at companies you have had relationships with, and assist TxMQ at penetrating further into our current accounts and prospects.
  • Keep accurate records in the company’s systems, including Salesforce for CRM, Compas for applicant tracking, and other tools as the company may define from time to time
  • Schedule appointments, prepare and deliver presentations to the client, having researched their business and requirements.
  • Work on sales follow-up activities.
  • Maintain customer relationships and ensure customer loyalty by meeting all their needs and through excellent customer service